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Interview: J. Stanton on the "Everyday Paleo Life and Fitness" Podcast with Jason Seib
Read original blog post here (Comments and posts to this thread are linked)


2:35 am
May 8, 2013

J. Stanton


posts 1919

I recently recorded a podcast with Jason Seib of Everyday Paleo Life and Fitness and Clackamas Physical Conditioning…and it's just been posted today! For those who have already listened to my other interviews, this one covers a completely different range of topics—including how I got started with paleonutrition, my philosophy of research and writing, three different studies showing why there is no such thing as a "calorie", my basic four-point weight-loss plan for beginners, sustainable motivation for diet and life changes, and much more!

We cover a lot of ground, so put on your thinking cap and check out Episode 36…

Read original blog post here (Comments and posts to this thread are linked)

5:39 am
May 9, 2013

Jen Gagne


Just heard this — congratulations on a great podcast and it was a good reminder that I need to finish reading The Gnoll Credo. :D

8:36 pm
May 9, 2013



Great talk, J! The mouse study you mention in regards to calories – that timing of the same food has different results – trippy! Can you give us the cite for that? Seems like a must read. Ty!

5:54 pm
May 16, 2013

J. Stanton


posts 1919


Thank you!


I explore those studies in detail in this week's article, "The Calorie Paradox."


12:59 am
May 18, 2013

eddie watts


listened to this between yesterday and today, good stuff.
liked the emphasis on motivation being something other than "looking good for other people"

i find podcasts really hard to focus on without a similar visual cue, wish people would do videos instead: most people have at least a phone ot laptop that can record videos.
plus it adds facial expression into the talk, which enables some meanings to cross over easier.

10:56 pm
May 20, 2013

J. Stanton


posts 1919


I don't know anyone in the Paleo community who does video podcasts, though I know several outside it.


11:37 pm
May 27, 2013



Looking forward to listening to this interview with Jason Seib!

Abel James does video podcasts now at fatburningman.com.

Cheers :)

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Interview: J. Stanton on the "Everyday Paleo Life and Fitness" Podcast with Jason Seib

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