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What Was Your Wakeup Call? And A Review Of Jeff O'Connell's "Sugar Nation"
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September 7, 2011
12:37 pm

I just don't want to be fat and finally figured out that there is something metabolically wrong that is happening to people (not gluttony and sloth, like the CW claims). Then I read Taubes, and finally seem to have dropped the bad stuff (sugar, wheat, high carb -- don't know for sure what the problem is, but I seem to have cut it out).

Thank you very much for your blog. It is full of really great info.


September 7, 2011
1:05 pm
Forum Posts: 2045
Member Since:
February 22, 2010
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I'm amazingly behind on replying to other comments to other stories, so I have to dig myself out of that hole first.  However, I've read and appreciated all your stories so far, and I will reply here soon, once I'm caught up. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


September 7, 2011
2:47 pm

I was approaching my 48th birthday in March this year, with continual stomach pains, insomnia, low mood and bloating that was so bad I couldn't wear the same clothes all day because what I'd put on in the morning would cut off my circulation by lunchtime. I was miserable and weighed 101kg. I went for tests and everything came back 'normal', so I started researching what 'normal' should look like. Mark's Daily Apple was the first site I found, but it was too liberal so I ended up doing Robb's auto-immune protocol.

Now, looking back, I can't believe the level of physical and emotional pain I tolerated for so many years. Your mother was a wise woman!

September 7, 2011
3:13 pm

I never gave a hoot about healthy living until I was in my thirties. I ate whatever I pleased in large quantities, mostly processed crap. Played lots of computer games, too. Had done for life. I was a junkie for supernormal stimulus of the gustatory and digital variety.

This caught up to me in the form of irritable bowel syndrome, overweight, hypertension, migraines, depression, sun allergy, etc... the list is too long and familiar to name. I was aging fast, when suddenly my wife became pregnant for the first time after many years of trying. I was going to be the father to a little boy.

Naturally that increased my resolve to take better care of myself, and I tried to exercise my way out of the pit I had dug: the usual method with the usual poor results. But by a crucial stroke of luck, I discovered Mark's Daily Apple and the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. It was the first time I'd ever heard of a paleo approach to health, and I was profoundly inspired by the success stories I read there. Man, I still can't believe I never internalized that our bodies are adapted to the world of our ancestors. And I was an anthro student, for Pete's sake! Apparently malnutrition had stupefied my brain.

Overnight, I stopped eating and drinking crap, and started eating real, ancestral foods. I scaled back the cardio and picked up a sledgehammer. The various health complaints that had dogged me for years went away within weeks and 50 pounds or more flew off my frame. My energy levels and mood went through the roof.

This much success was addictive, and ever since then I've been pushing my genetic potential, to see how muscular, lean, and healthy I can get. And now I've got a second boy on the way -- this time without hardly trying at all. That is the most paleo thing of all.

Although the paleo lifestyle is not always easy or popular in our world, I've never been tempted to go back to my old ways. I don't want to risk losing the incredible gift of health, something I never had before and will never take for granted again.

September 7, 2011
3:54 pm

Same old story... Age 56 just like the person above. At age 30 I was fine. I ate a decent higher protein diet.I was very active, built a house with my husband , had a horse, raised 2 sons and 22 foster children. Camped hiked, canoed. I was tested by my doctor during a routine check up with a cholesterol level of 202. He put me on a low fat diet. I was scared so....I ate a vegan no fat diet and ended up on antidepressants...I began to gain weight around my stomach for the first time in my life. I also got an auto immune disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy after breaking my leg and foot playing softball at age 40. I gained 50 pounds from the neurontin and sleeping pills. I was on crutches, I could not walk with out extreme pain. I began to force my leg to work out on a bike. I began to eat a weight lifter diet of 6 small meals a day including protein. I worked out like crazy.I threw the neurontin away that was stopping the spasms in my leg after learning it was the culprit to my weight gain. I worked out hard and kept gaining a pound a month. I became a very strong fat person. I can leg press 500 pounds. I bench 150. I do 100 push ups. I was 5 foot five and weighed 184. I was on blood pressure meds. Iwoke up at 3 am every day with horrific headaches. I had hives for over a month at one point. I had sleep apnea and slpt with a CPAP. I am the grandma of 6 grandkids. I was used to back packing and going on boundary water canoe trips. It was so frustrating to think that all the fun in my life was over. I wanted to take my grandkids on some of these excursions.
I kept searching for answers. A friend told me to get the book, "GENOCIDE, How your doctors dietary advice will kill you" by Dr James Carlson. Then, when I began to research him, I found Dr's Eades Protien Power books. I began to tweak my diet. I next bought Good Calories, Bad Calories. Once I understood about insulin I decided to go very low carb. I was still really sick and everything in my body hurt. My joints especially. I next bought Mark Sissons books and dropped all grains. I found and began to listen to LATEST IN PALEO broad casts and heard the podcast with YOUR interview and bought your book.
Memorial weekend I went totally paleo, bought a part of a hormone free grass fed cow. I began to eat range free chicken and eggs. I got venison from a friend, and began to eat Amish grown organic vegetables. I have no pain, no RSD symptoms,normal blood pressure,(no meds)and I have lost 25 pounds so far. I plan to lose 25 more.
The most remarkable thing I feel is the lack of hunger. Hunger no longer drives the bus. I remember constantly feeling like I was starving. I lost all of my hot flashes. No mood swings. I feel HAPPY!!!!> I have my life back. The internet rocks. You all rock, I learn something new every day from everyone who posts about Paleo stuff.
. I hiked a volcano a this spring,I bought two kayaks this summer. I went paddle boarding last week. In two weeks I am hiking and zip lining in the Smokey Mountains. My life is an adventure again!

September 7, 2011
5:31 pm

I found at almost 50, I was sick and getting more sick everyday..after several prescriptions from my Doctor I finally asked..why, why am I so sick?, her reply was interesting .."compared to many other older women I wasn't that sick," (only on five meds)I wondered when we were going to talk about how I got sick and how she was going to make me well/healthy.. Unfortunately that conversation never happened, I had to take matters into my hands and take responsibility for my own life and health..
That lead me to a place call Clackamas Physical Conditioning where I met Jason Seib, EVERYTHING changed, nutrition, sleep, exercise, etc...I have never looked back,and am at my most healthy ever, ALL my medical stats are that of someone in their early twenties,(I will be 52 in a month) I can handle things in my life I never thought I could do, going back to school, changing careers and fearless of what the future holds. I love reading so much of what you write, when I read it, it is personal to me because I feel like I have experienced so much of it first hand, I'll catch myself saying I knew it, I knew it... (Jason is the one that pointed me to you/Gnolls) thank you so much!.. deb

September 7, 2011
5:56 pm

I'm a teacher. During the stress of my first year of teaching, my body completely self-destructed. I had horrible cramps every night, and other issues every morning. I think I had problems for a while, but it took the meltdown that first year to make me decide to do something. OF course, that meant going to the Dr. No help there, they left it at "maybe lactose intolerance." So I lived that way for another year, and went to a gastroenterologist. I said "so what should I not eat so that I don't feel like this?" And she said "do you want the prescriptioni or not?" and I said NO and that was the end of that. Finally I figured out gluten free on my own, and the worst of the pains went away almost over night. I've been mostly pain-free for several years now, and I'm just ironing out the final bits - I want to feel as good as I possibly can! If only I could get over my wicked sweet tooth, I think I would.

Thanks for a great site JS, I love you blog!!

September 7, 2011
6:16 pm
Another Anon

Instead of pushing for consummation, I let her playful resistance stop the fun. Why? BECAUSE I WAS FAT AND VERY EMBARRASSED!

Dear anon,

In this case, I'm glad your embarrassment stopped you, because that sounds like you were wading into non-consensual waters there. I'm really quite disturbed by this.

September 8, 2011
2:04 am

Thank you J for another excellent article!

September 8, 2011
8:07 am

Good post, but I must confess that reading the comments was even more interesting.

In my case, I was health conscious because of familial heart disease; a staunch follower of Dean Ornish and constantly struggling with weight issues that were kept moderate by obsessive exercise. One day I was sitting in my office listening to two animal husbandry scientists from the local university explain their method of fattening cattle. They were interested in pursuing a patent and I am a patent attorney. As I was mulling over their method, I glanced at the bag of Low Fat carmel popcorn ("Heart Healthy") under my desk and slowly realized that I was feeding myself exactly what these scientists came up with to fatten cattle, quickly and cheaply. Since I was also mostly confined to an office chair, all the factors required to turn me into Kobe beef were there. That started me thinking and you know where that leads! Still the "What can I eat?" question bothered me awhile since everyone knows that fat is such an unhealthy option. The epiphany on that issue came with the realization that excess glucose gets converted to fat,mostly saturated, for storage and later use. Since suicidal bodily functions need extraordinary circumstances to survive evolution, I finally understood that there must not be much wrong with saturated fat.
Thanks for the nice blog.

September 8, 2011
11:23 am

My mother was diagnosed type 2 diabetes last year. The medical advice she's gotten truly is criminal. 6 meals a day, each loaded with carbs and almost no fat. And whose logo is at the bottom of her diet handout? The manufacturer of her insulin control drugs. This makes me so angry I can't even say, but she refuses to try paleo eating. My father did Atkins a while ago and, despite great weight loss and cholesterol numbers, went back to a high sugar and bread diet. Of course when he had a heart attack 3 years later "it was all that bacon and eggs he ate on Atkins". No amount of persuasion will get her to look past her drug pusher's (sorry, doctor's) advice.

September 8, 2011
2:02 pm
Forum Posts: 2045
Member Since:
February 22, 2010
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OK, everyone, I'm mostly caught up with my other comments.

First, let me say that it's been a privilege to read everyone's stories, and I'm glad you're choosing to share them.  I can write all the articles I want -- but humans are social animals, and it makes life much more pleasant to have some degree of social proof that we're not all just wandering alone in the wilderness.



Paleo definitely wins from the science end.  The moral argument for veg*anism, while simplistic and wrong in the big picture, is at least coherent...the "scientific" arguments ignore our biochemistry and evolutionary history, and are usually trivially false ("meat rots in your colon").


I'm glad change is easier for you than for most.  And it's not like you damaged yourself irreparably from a few months of going vegan.

The problem with the conventional wisdom ("eat less, move more") is that it depends entirely on willpower, which we've already established is a bad idea.  And the fact that people can easily give up most foods, but freak out when you tell them to drop bread, tells me that the addictiveness of gluten exorphins is most likely real.

No, being skinny isn't the same thing as being healthy.  But most people can't even manage to be skinny.


So many people have the same reaction you do: they didn't know how many problems they were having before that they simply defined as "normal".

"I wonder how people can be made to take that look at themselves before it breeches their threshold? More importantly, how to get them to take action."

I'm doing my best by writing these articles.  You, and my readers, can do your best by spreading them around to people who aren't already paleo: I purposely write them to be understandable outside the community.

There's a lot more to it -- but there's no point getting depressed about not being able to solve all the world's problems.


That's a good rule of thumb...Any diet that leaves you unable to fast is a bad diet.  There's a good reason for this: if you're unable to fast, that's a good diagnostic for poor metabolic flexibility, and possibly mitochondrial dysfunction.

I'll probably write an article about that at some point...thanks for kick-starting the creative process!

And you're correct: once you start trying to stay healthy by eating real food, you realize how many huge, powerful forces are dedicated towards maintaining their profit margins by keeping us sick and dependent.  (Cue the article "Paleo Reaches The Ominous 'Stage 3'".)


It's been said many different ways, and they're all basically correct.


That's a classic wakeup moment!


Absolutely...exercise makes us hungry.  Like I referred to here, if champion ultra-runners have 17% bodyfat, it's pretty clear that aerobic exercise alone isn't going to get us the body composition we want.

James Schipper:

Absolutely.  The death toll of the ADA's advice is in the millions, and rising daily.  They're criminals.


The fact that you came to Paleo while basically healthy is a sign that we're becoming more mainstream: maybe as we continue to grow our knowledge and our community, people won't have to reach the point of desperation before having the energy to find us.

Keep experimenting: that's how we gain knowledge.


There are some genuine hypochondriacs -- but they're mostly people on Medical or disability who can go to the ER for every little complaint and never pay a dime.

What I've learned over the years is that we're all responsible for our own health.  The doctor isn't like an auto mechanic, and you're not an can't just haul your carcass in every year for an oil change and lube and have them fix any broken parts.  If something isn't right, it is YOUR responsibility to figure it out, because the doctor is seeing hundreds of patients a week and can only afford to spend a couple minutes thinking about what might be the trouble.  Use your head, use Google Scholar, and stay the hell away from WebMD and Livestrong on one end (useless) and Mercola (fearmongering, supplement/magic food hawking) on the other.

Congratulations on finally figuring it out!  Do you still have metal in your collarbone?


Like I said to James, it's criminal what the government, AMA, and ADA have done and are doing.  They're killing people every day.

And you touch on a very important point: weight loss isn't the endpoint.  The objective is to feel healthy, happy, and fit, and weight loss is just one part of that.  We could all starve ourselves down to supermodel thinness...but that leaves us miserable, osteoporotic, and fainting, just like them.

Congratulations on your new life!


More replies to come...but I'll split them up as this post is getting long.


September 8, 2011
3:28 pm
Forum Posts: 2045
Member Since:
February 22, 2010
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All diets work if you can stay on them: the problem is compliance.

"I felt I was carrying too much weight for the amount of exercise I was doing"…I see this all the time.  I know several people who exercise much harder than I do, but who still carry around noticeable flab.  

"I don;t give a toss about convincing vegetarians but wouldn't have minded and AHS talk on how to convince your friends and loved ones."

I'm doing my best with these articles.  The problem is that, at the end of the day, people have to want to change.  They might want to be healthy and fit, but they're willing to tolerate their current state.  I haven't figured out a solution besides continuing to be obviously happy and healthy, and showing them a way out.


"I had no idea that you can't just eat carbs."  Ha!  That's a common one, and it's crazy that our schools don't teach enough basic nutrition for people to understand what our bodies need to maintain themselves.

"Decades" is a long time, especially since you're name-checking "Neanderthin"…that probably makes you the longest term paleo eater here!  I'm a bit jealous, but glad you've been able to enjoy so many years of good health.


Thyroid problems are so widespread and so not understood by most doctors…I'm glad you found a good one!  Have you read the recent Perfect Health Diet articles about thyroid?  They're excellent, and definitely worth anyone's time.

That's a great idea for a bumper sticker!  Anyone else want one?



Because a lot of people make a lot of money off of you being sick.  

When you're sick, Big Pharma can sell you drugs, syringes, pumps, test strips, and all the other diabetic paraphernalia.  (Mainly drugs.)  A healthy person doesn't need all that junk.

Furthermore, think about this: a sick person is dependent.  "FREEDOM NOW!  Oh, and give me my insulin and metformin and metoprolol and Januvia and Prilosec or I'm going to die."

We win it by saving ourselves first.  Then we can put forth ourselves as an example for others, and point them to the sources of information that helped us.  You can't save anyone else: you can only be there to help when they decide to save themselves.


Acne, migraines, depression…ouch.  It's sad that most doctors simply dismiss those things as "part of aging"…no, they're not.  People are not fundamentally broken animals that should need medication to survive once they hit 40.  And having previously been vegetarian and then a guilty meat-eater, I absolutely understand your situation.

Rock climbing is great, isn't it?  I'm not very good, but I enjoy it.  Paleo isn't about losing weight, it's about having a functional body and mind that can do great things.

Re: the article you linked, I think about those same issues quite a bit.  I'm sure you'll find The Gnoll Credo extremely relevant…and perhaps a bit scary, as it goes far beyond where most of us have comfortably agreed to stop.


"I just don't want to be fat."  Eloquent in its brevity.  Most importantly, we shouldn't have to starve ourselves in order not to be fat.

Thank you for the vote of confidence!  Please spread my articles wherever you can.  


It's amazing how dysfunctional our bodies can be and still be alive.

And having dealt myself with a long round of "the tests came back normal", I understand where you're coming from: you're saying to yourself "This is NOT normal, I look and feel like crap."  The problem with things that get worse very slowly is that our definition of "normal" can slide imperceptibly downward with them.

Did you figure out exactly what is causing your problems, or have you just stuck with Robb's protocol all this time?


"And I was an anthro student, for Pete's sake!"

We do an excellent job of rigorously separating "education" from "any knowledge you can possibly put to use in daily life", starting very early.  I remember in high school that I wanted to take classes in electronics and auto repair, but was told in no uncertain terms that they were for dumb kids who weren't going to college.  Can't have people actually learning useful skills!  You'll learn how to rigorously analyze made-up stories of no modern relevance written by dead authors in stilted language, and you'll like it.

As a result of that separation, we don't think to apply anything we learn in school to how we actually live day to day.  It's not your fault for not noticing.

And health isn't a gift, it's your birthright.  It's always been yours: you've just taken it back from an establishment that profits from your sickness.


To be continued!


September 8, 2011
4:42 pm
Forum Posts: 2045
Member Since:
February 22, 2010
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Your doctor was a criminal.  Telling you a TC of 202 is unhealthy?  That's at the very bottom of the healthy range: see this article from Dr. Jaminet.  It's tragic that you were suckered into years of bad health, and I'm glad to hear you've found your way out of the swamp.

That's why I do this: in hopes that others won't have to go through the same misery you have.

"The most remarkable thing I feel is the lack of hunger. … I lost all of my hot flashes. No mood swings. I feel HAPPY!!!!> I have my life back … My life is an adventure again!"

I'm so glad to hear that you're healthy again, and I'm honored to have been a small part of your transformation.


"compared to many other older women I wasn't that sick," (only on five meds)

In other words, "what we're doing is a colossal failure, so we'll define down 'success' to mean 'a lesser degree of failure'."  And you're absolutely right: you've got to take responsibility for your own health — because you're the only one whose interests are completely genuine and uncorrupted.  

I'm glad my articles speak to you and help you!


I said "so what should I not eat so that I don't feel like this?" And she said "do you want the prescription or not?"

…and that's what's wrong with medicine, in a nutshell.  Health problems have causes, and "drug deficiency" is not one of them!  People don't just suddenly self-destruct for no reason.

I'm glad you enjoy my work, and I hope it helps you stay healthy.


I think my commenters are the best part of this one.


I agree!  That's why I asked to hear others' stories.

"Since I was also mostly confined to an office chair, all the factors required to turn me into Kobe beef were there."

That's a great Aha! experience.  Was it Dilbert that first referred to cubicles as "veal fattening pens"?  I've often thought the same thing: we feed grains to cattle in order to make them obese as quickly as possible.

Another one: gavaging corn into geese in order to produce foie gras is no different than gavaging corn syrup into humans in order to produce NAFLD.

That's interesting that you came to paleo through the logical path.  As I said to Timothy, we're so conditioned by the "education" system to reject any application of knowledge to our daily lives that we're simply not used to thinking logically about the choices of our daily life.


I'm sorry to hear about your parents.  As I've said many times above, I view the ADA as criminals, guilty of premeditated mass murder for profit.  I wish I knew what to do.

The mainstream diet advice ties into our nations residual Puritan cultural heritage, too: "if I enjoy it it must be bad for me".  Ironically, this makes it easy to sell people on eating food that is both unappetizing and unhealthy ("whole grains").  I talk about that at length in this article.

Fortunately my parents have been more willing to examine the evidence, and they've both "gone paleo" with spectacular results: weight loss, lower triglycerides and LDL, and most importantly, eating delicious food and not being hungry.  (They do love their omelets!)  Frankly, they can't stop talking about it.



September 8, 2011
5:11 pm
Forum Posts: 2045
Member Since:
February 22, 2010
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Since I appear to be caught up, for now:

Thank you all for sharing your stories!

It's been educational, illuminating, sad, powerful, and inspiring to hear the misery some of you have gone through, and the challenges all of you have overcome.  I hope your stories will inspire others to overcome their own challenges, and I'll continue to point others here.

We're not done, either: please continue to share your own journeys, and I'll do my best to acknowledge and respond to them.

Live in freedom, live in beauty.



PS: As a final note, I greatly appreciate the compliments and votes of confidence.  If you want to thank me for writing these articles and keeping updated, the best way to is to buy a copy of The Gnoll Credo (read reviews) (read the first 20 pages), and to make your purchases through this referral link.  Doing either or both helps keep free of advertisements and Paypal donation buttons.

September 9, 2011
2:53 am

My wake up call is different from many on here... My mum put me on my first low fat diet at 12, and for years I yo-yoed and to her despair I kept gaining (it was all the crisp sandwiches, chocolate and sweets I was nicking from the cupboard... ) So most diets were just a way for me to 'outsmart' my mum!!! I ended up 265 lbs by 18, which is not so smart!

Once I moved out I tried Atkins, but unfortunately for me it works too well and after 4 weeks I had lost over 40lbs and landed myself in hospital!! So after that I let myself get fat again! I tried Weight Watchers and a few other diets, and they were so obsessive... count, count, count (even Atkins was like that)!

So after my son was born, my knee dislocated, and other health issues... I gained weight... lots of weight and went from 260 lbs to a huge 335 lbs! I got down to 265 lbs by starving myself and exercising (not counting though), and was hungry, had spots, migraines and a whole host of other issues mentioned above...! Where was my energy?

Anyway, years later I had 4 knee surgeries (not weight related) and got up to a huge 350 lbs (BMI 48) and 27 years old!!!! Although determined to lose it I didn't know how, in 2009 I got down to 310 lbs just through dieting! In 2010 I got down to 265 lbs through tackling my need to eat emotionally and with exercise and diet!

Then in June 2010 I fell pregnant and we lost it at 5 weeks and 3 days, then in October 2010 we fell again and at 5 weeks and 3 days we lost that one too... after a whole host of fertility tests the Dr told me I had PCOS (which is why I only ovulated once every 3 months from one ovary), but it did not explain my losses!

Someone then told me that Low Carb was a well-known treatment for PCOS, I thought this couldn't be true... so researched it... and this is my 'wake up call' to find out that PCOS is linked to Insulin Resistance, and high levels of Insulin causes blood clots in the Placenta, which causes it not to attach… most common side effect is miscarriage just after 5 weeks!!

So I go to the fertility unit and they confirm I have Insulin Resistance, but tell me it isn’t what’s causing my miscarriages and I should go on their study using progesterone supplements!!!! I told them no, and that I understood a Low Gi diet helped Insulin Resistance, the Dr said yes it did… but the study would be more suitable for me…! Ha! Self-serving bunch of…!

So I went Low Gi (as Low Carb had made me poorly in the past) but I also have Leiden V Factor, so as an aide I kept my carbs under 70g which thins the blood, at the same time keeps me from the the low of 20g (which caused me issues in the past)!!

I started on 11th Feb 2011 and have lost 30lbs in 2 months! I lost another baby in March, but kept on with the changes because I had noticed a huge improvement in my moods (boy did I suffer mood swings) my appetite, my skin, hair, nails, my migraines had gone, my arthritis had eased, my whole health had improved, and I had energy and wasn’t hungry!

Two weeks after I lost my last baby I ovulated from the right side for the first time in apx. 8 years, I fell pregnant and I am currently 23 weeks along! My Insulin Resistance is under control and PCOS is clearing up!

My weight got down to 234lbs (116lbs lighter) with a BMI of 31, and the lightest of my adult life!

I have stayed Low Gi (which is safe during pregnancy) but I eat more Carbs (180 – 200g) out of necessity, I have noticed my headaches plague me again… but I know that it’s the lesser of two evils (too few Carbs made me faint as baby was taking my blood sugar and leaving me with none!) So I am very much looking forward to going back to my Low Gi/Carb life once the baby is born because the health benefits are endless!

Why wasn’t I told this all before???

September 9, 2011
6:32 am

"We win it by saving ourselves first. Then we can put forth ourselves as an example for others, and point them to the sources of information that helped us. You can't save anyone else: you can only be there to help when they decide to save themselves."

Thank you, that's a really important point, especially that last sentence. Hard to watch it happen!

September 9, 2011
6:42 pm

Hi there,

Eat like Neanderthal man.. I've said that for a long time, but how to make the change.. many things have changed in our world, but our digestive systems isn't one of them.

Below is a post I made on another website in response to a couple of people who had tried everything to downsize and just couldn't.

"Exercise alone won't shift it. What you eat will. Don't worry about your weight, just focus on how you look and how comfortable you become with that over time.

Measure yourself and follow that rather than getting hung up on the scales, because your weight doesn't really matter. The scales weigh all of you, not just what you want to get rid of, the tape is a better guide. Scales / weight is just a rough guide.

If you want to lose bodyfat and do it without eating like a rabbit and get some advice not funded by the diet industry then go to this link. It's a group page I created to get knowledge out there, and some of it will surprise you.

I was big once, and done everything you're doing. I'm not big anymore and I've helped others lose too. You can't live your life through a calorie counter, but you can make some changes to your way of eating, and they will help you.

My knowledge is based on failed things that went before, a long time in weight training, and understanding how the body processes food and what it does. I keep it simple and anyone is welcome to ask questions or post.

I take photos of what I make and put them up for anyone to see. I also put in helpful links and generally just try to give people a different perspective about food."

September 10, 2011
2:22 am

On my blog, I say it is because of metabolic syndrome. Truthfully, I am using myself as a lab rat. My objective all along has been to identify a feasible diet/exercise combination that I can pass on to family members suffering from a number of digestive-related chronic diseases.

September 10, 2011
3:49 am
Forum Posts: 2045
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February 22, 2010
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Wow...what an ordeal you've had!

"My mum put me on my first low fat diet at 12..."  That misguided low-fat advice has caused so much misery for so many people, over the years...

And yes, PCOS and IR are absolutely related.  I'm glad you've had the success with low-carb that so many others with that issue have had.

"Why wasn't I told all this before?"

Like I said above, a lot of drug companies make a lot of money from people being sick...and a lot of agribusinesses make a lot of money from turning cheap subsidized grains into expensive packaged foods.  Your suffering is a profit center for them.


I know.  But it's like trying to help a drug addict: unless they really, genuinely want to kick their habit, they'll just use you and drag you down with them.


I like to go even farther...instead of focusing on what I look like, I focus on what I want to DO with my health.  When I can do projects like this, I know I'm on the right track.  (Although I like looking in the mirror and seeing a strong, healthy, vital animal.)


If you need to give them a book, I find the Perfect Health Diet to be the most useful exposition of how I eat in book form.

Meanwhile, I think you're on the right track with HIIT/Body By Science...Dr. McGuff breaks it all down pretty well.  (And he's a fan of, which I found out after meeting him at AHS!)


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