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• Your decisions to act (or not act) based on information or advice anyone provides you—including me—are your own responsibility.



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  • Syz

    fyi: Jared Diamond link seems to be broken

  • Fixed.  Thank you for pointing that out!


  • nick

    do you have any real qualifications?

    dietitian? doctor? where did you study?

    what qualifies you to be instructing people in such a way?

  • My first qualification is that unlike the American Dietetic Association, I am not sponsored by Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Hershey, M&M Mars, Splenda, Kellogg's, General Mills, Unilever, Cargill, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, or Abbott Laboratories.  (Link).  

    Of course it would be churlish to suggest that large multinational corporations would act in any way but altruistically for the benefit of all humankind — instead of in the interest of their own profits, by maintaining a fat, sedentary population addicted to their industrial 'food products' and dependent on their drugs.

    And it would be downright rude to point out that over 30 years of advice from the ADA, the US government, and the medical profession has made us fatter than ever.

    But arguing over qualifications is irrelevant, because facts aren't changed by the source.  I link my references, and you can read them and make your own decisions.


  • Dana

    I especially love the argument some people use that information is wrong because it’s “old.” That argument is often employed against organizations such as WAPF. To which I’ve heard the response, “Oh, so gravity is no longer valid?”

  • Dana:

    It's ironic that we've only become interested in ancestral human diet and behavior now that we're perilously close to eradicating its few remaining traces.  The older information, collected by people like Weston A. Price, is actually more valuable because it's firsthand.


  • Asclepius

    A great interview! It is nice to listen to a paleo interview that reaches beyond the usual topics of diet/exercise. I’m looking forward to reading ‘The Gnoll Credo’.

  • Asclepius:

    I'm glad you enjoyed the interview!  As you've probably noticed from my FAQ, I view diet and exercise as just the start.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts about TGC!

    FYI for my readers: Asclepius writes Natural Messiah.  Here's one of my favorite posts: “How Long Did They Trial This For?”  Baise-moi, indeed.


  • eddie watts

    only been reading your site for just over a week, thanks to MDA, but i ordered your book this morning after reading the free chapters.
    my shelves which were once horror and fantasy is becoming horror, fantasy and paleo/nutrition!

  • Eddie:

    Thank you!  Do stick around to enjoy the articles, and let us know what you think when you've finished!


  • eddie

    well i finished the book in 3 days, and these were busy days too so it’s not like i was just sitting reading all day at all.

    very good, totally different style of writing to anything i have read before. when i have been asked what it is about i’ve avoided answering as i think it is better just reading it
    (i also don’t read the backs of dvds/books as it can be misleading)

    great stuff and i love the blog too, awaiting part 2 of breakfast myths eagerly 😀

  • Eddie:

    I wrote TGC like it was non-fiction.  Strictly speaking it's a biography — of someone who's not human.  I'm glad it spoke to you.  Thanks for letting me know.

    Part 2 of the Breakfast Myth is coming next week due to being stuck on planes this week…but I've given you something to chew on in the meantime.


  • Marilyn

    Total trvia: I just stumbled onto a Welsh hymn tune named “Gnoll Avenue.” I poked around on Google and eventually ended up with a “Brief History of The Gnoll, Neath”:


    So, I guess the character in your book was Welsh??? 🙂

    I’m new to your site. It’s very fine, indeed. There’s some good information here that I haven’t seen elsewhere. I’m looking forward to your future posts. Best wishes!

  • Marilyn:

    As you no doubt noticed, the word “gnoll” has two radically different meanings!  One is an alternate spelling of “knoll”, to which the article you linked refers.  The other refers to hyena-people: here's a brief history of how the second meaning came about.  No one in The Gnoll Credo is Welsh 🙂

    I'm glad you find my articles useful!  Feel free to poke through the index: there's a lot of information here.



  • Marilyn

    Thank you for the Google street reference, and the Gnoll History “. . . from Wales to Wisconsin. . .” Most interesting, and a pleasure to read! I’m sure you are aware there is a Wales __in__ Wisconsin as well. 🙂

    More trivia for you: There have been GNOLLs in America since the 1810 census, and a GNOLL fought in the Civil War.


  • eddie watts

    whose livejournal is that?
    do you know?
    i have a livejournal too, don’t use it so much these days due to effort and facebook!

  • Sean Booth

    I got my copy through Amazon and it only took 4 days to arrive.

  • Sean:

    Amazon is extremely pessimistic with their delivery dates.  What “1-3 weeks” means is “We don't have any in our warehouse”…but since the distributor has plenty, they either show up very quickly or simply get drop-shipped from the distributor.  

    Thank you for helping support me and this website!  TGC is not only a deep, intense, and joyous book, it's an important book.  You'll find out why.


  • Nance

    If there was a Kindle version I’d already have your book. I live in an RV and have absolutely no room for more books but I have 1,200 on my Kindle. Any plan to go that route?

  • Nance:

    The trouble with e-books, of course, is that anything available electronically is immediately pirated and made available for free…so we have to balance the additional potential sales with the potential sales lost to people who just download it.

    E-readers are becoming cheap enough that we'll probably bow to the pressure, but there's no definite timetable as yet.  We'll let you and everyone know if and when it happens.


  • CarbSeine

    Curious about your take on the whole Richard Nikoley/Melissa McEwen war…

  • CarbSeine:

    I believe my readers appreciate that gnolls.org is dedicated to exploring the science and theoretical basis of evolutionary discordance, kept separate from my opinions and judgments of other people.


  • Maria

    I just want to start by saying that I love your blog and some of your posts really helped me.
    I don’t have diabetes but I’ve been suffering from hypoglycemia since last year. I even passed out several times with levels like 35 and was unable to eat carbs without crashing to levels like 35, 45 min later. I also did some tests at the hospital (they don’t think reactive hypoglycemia is a real thing and only believe in diagnosis like an insulinoma – doctors here are extremely misformed). However they found out I have nocturnal hypoglycemia in the 40′s during the whole night and that I spend half of my day hypoglycemic.
    I started investigating for myself and I thought I had LADA or something like that but apparently after following the paleo diet my symptoms improved alot. In the first months the hypoglycemia started to happen at the 2h peak instead of the 45min-1h. Now I barely have it (at least during the day – I plan to see what happens at night in my next visit to the hospital – since 40 all night is very dangerous)
    I’ve been checking during the night for a week and surprisingly I didn’t see low numbers, not even close to 40. My glucometer shows numbers around 100 every single night at 2 am. I mean every single night. I started to suspect again this has something to do with diabetes after all but When I wake up around 8.am it’s always 70 or in the very low 70′s. I have to point out this happens wheter I eat LC, VLC or something like Perfect Health Diet. Do you have any idea why I have those kind of numbers now? there seems to be a dysregulation but I don’t think if that’s relevant or not and would like to have your opinion. Also, another question that really confuses me is that I’ve been eating a high protein breakfast with fat and a little bit of carbs for a couple of weeks now (not 50g of protein but fairly high protein for what I was used – usually a couple of eggs and a piece of meat or tuna) and after 1h my blood sugar is usually 110, sometimes goes up to 120. Why does this happen? should I stop eating like this? If you could help me with your opinion I would be very grateful.
    Thank you very much and sorry for my english – I’m from portugal.

  • Maria:

    First, I'll repeat the disclaimer from my sidebar:

    • Your life and health are your own responsibility.
    • Your decisions to act (or not act) based on information or advice anyone provides you—including me—are your own responsibility.

    That being said, congratulations on your progress!  It sounds like you're doing much better than you were before, and I'm always glad to hear about improved health.  BG of 40 is indeed very dangerous.

    Brief Q: did you have any signs of Addison's?  (If the problems appeared after childbirth, Sheehan's is a low-percentage possibility.)  Hypocortisolism is one way to end up with chronically low blood sugar…


    BG of 110-120 after a meal, even if it's very low-carb, isn't a big deal.  First, blood sugar is usually higher in the morning in healthy people, AFAIK due to the morning cortisol spike.  What's your fasting BG just before breakfast?  Do you get the same response eating a similar meal at dinner, or just at breakfast? 

    Second, if you have reactive hypoglycemia, you may have lost your acute phase insulin response, so the insulin vs. glucagon push-pull that normally keeps BG stable after a high-protein, low-carb meal might not be perfectly balanced.  But a post-prandial 110-120 BG is in no way dangerous, so I wouldn't worry about that by itself.

    I'm not aware of any clinical treatment for reactive hypo, since no one knows what causes it in the first place!  So my inclination would be to continue to eat a healthy Paleo diet, relatively low-carb (Perfect Health Diet level or less), to make sure your carbs are always eaten at a complete meal, etc.  (See Paul Jaminet's excellent article “How To Minimize Hyperglycemic Toxicity” for more strategies: vinegar, for instance, helps control BG.) 

    Meanwhile, here are two rules of thumb to keep in mind:

    • You didn't break yourself in three weeks: don't expect to fix yourself in three weeks!  Slow improvements will continue for months and years as your body slowly heals itself.
    • If something is working for you, don't be in a huge rush to abandon it for something else.  There are many more ways to fail than to succeed.

    I wish you the best on your journey!  Let us know how you get on.


  • Jack LaBear

    I discovered an irony of blood sugar. Back when I ate too much carbs, I had problems with reactive hypoglycemia. Years ago, I switched to a paleoish diet with around 100g carbs/day. Now my fasting BG is often around 130mg/dl in the morning. It goes down after eating or getting some exercise.
    I don’t know what would be a good dietary way to minimize that. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m not going to impair my health by eating like a bird or rodent again. Maybe a carb snack at bedtime?
    My BG on arising stays down to 100 if I take a gram of slow release metformin at bedtime because it suppresses gluconeogenesis. I’m OK with taking metformin because it has anti-aging effects and lowers rates of many cancers by ~50%, at least in the diabetics that the studies were done with. But… metformin deficiency isn’t the underlying problem 🙂 Some dietary approach compatible with health optimization seems like it would be best. I just haven’t figured out what that would be.

  • Jack:

    Taking a tablespoon or two of vinegar with meals can dramatically decrease post-prandial blood glucose levels: see Johnston 2004.  It can also decrease fasting BG, and Johnston 2004 notes that vinegar has many of the same effects as metformin.

    It's usually not necessary to eat an entire “carb snack” at bedtime: a few grams will do.  Bonus: one tsp to one tbsp of honey seems to aid some people with restorative sleep.  In fact, you can combine the two for a nightcap, as per this Seth Roberts article: cup of hot water, 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon honey.

    Let us know how you get on!

    (Final note: old blood glucose strips can read very high.  Check the date!)


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