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Why is gnolls.org here? What is it about?
It’s about reclaiming our evolutionary heritage as humans—both individually and as a species. I often write about ‘paleo’ topics, but diet and exercise are just the first two steps of a long and joyous journey.

I’ve indexed my articles by subject here.

“Reclaiming our evolutionary heritage?”
In the future we are being sold, humans are passively compliant herd animals—shuffling nose to tail through a hot, overcrowded world, working meaningless ‘jobs’, consuming ‘entertainment’, and eating ‘food’ made of seeds (like birds or rodents) under omnipresent surveillance.

This future sucks—because it is so profoundly discordant with the millions of years of history that shaped us from little 65-pound savanna apes into what we are today.

Going ‘paleo’ is a necessary step…but once we’re lean and strong and capable, then what? We’re all dressed up with no party to go to.

So…what’s next, then?
Stick around and see! I update most Tuesdays. And if you read The Gnoll Credo, you’ll have a big head start on everyone else.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to explain and advocate paleo diet and health, and to present it in new ways you might not have considered. My aim is to write articles that you can forward to your Aunt Blanche or Uncle Ted when they ask you “So why won’t you eat bread?” or “Have you tried Weight Watchers?” Here’s a great start: “Eat Like A Predator, Not Like Prey”: Paleo In Six Easy Steps, A Motivational Guide.

What is The Gnoll Credo?
It’s how the gnolls survive in a world of humans that would kill them all if they could.

What is The Gnoll Credo?
It’s the book I wrote about Gryka, the gnoll who gave me the Credo. “Funny, provocative, entertaining, fun, insightful” writes one reviewer. “A powerful and deep discussion of modern civilization and the nature of human life,” writes another. “Like an epiphany from a deep meditative experience,” writes a third, and you can read many more reviews here.

I’m intrigued, but I really want to read a few pages before I commit.
My publisher has graciously uploaded the first twenty pages to their web site. Click here to read them. (You’ll need a PDF reader.)

That was excellent! I want a copy.
Thanks! You can buy signed copies directly from my publisher, 100 Watt Press. You can also buy it from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.

If I don’t live in the USA, where can I buy it?
100 Watt Press maintains a list of vendors that will ship worldwide for free. (See the bottom of the page.)

But what do gnolls have to do with “reclaiming our evolutionary heritage”? And what is a gnoll, anyway?
Read The Gnoll Credo and you’ll understand. Click here to begin!

Have more questions for me? Ask them here, in the forums.

Live in freedom, live in beauty.


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