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Mountain Biking In Jeans

Having finally finished my errands in early evening, I drove a couple miles to a local trailhead in order to squeeze in a mountain bike ride before the sun set. Upon arrival, I unloaded my gear…bicycle, helmet, gloves, pack with water and toolkit, shoes, riding clothes…

…riding clothes?


Ordinarily I don’t care [ . . . ]

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The Difference Between Me and Chuck Palahniuk Is That I Don't Pull My Punches

(Warning: contains spoilers if you haven’t read/watched Fight Club.)

Yes, Fight Club is an excellent book, but it pulls its punches.

It’s the equivalent of MMA fighting. The claim is “no holds barred”, but in reality, anything likely to cause real, lasting injury is forbidden. Everyone gets up, cleans up, and goes home [ . . . ]

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Snowflowers (Sarcodes sanguinea)

It’s possible to spend a lot of time in the Sierras without ever seeing a snowflower. They live most of their lives underground, on rotting logs in the dirt.

But they bloom quickly and briefly, not long after the snow melts, producing these spectacular bright red flowers:

The snowflower is the only [ . . . ]

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