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Mountain Biking In Jeans

Having finally finished my errands in early evening, I drove a couple miles to a local trailhead in order to squeeze in a mountain bike ride before the sun set. Upon arrival, I unloaded my gear…bicycle, helmet, gloves, pack with water and toolkit, shoes, riding clothes…

…riding clothes?


Ordinarily I don’t care much about what I wear when I ride. My usual gear is a hockey practice jersey and whatever shorts are clean that day. But I had arrived at the trailhead in jeans and a collared shirt, and there wasn’t time to drive home and back and still get a ride in before dark.

So I stripped off the shirt and belt, rolled up my pant legs, saddled up, and started pedaling. And you know what?

Riding in jeans is a bit sweaty, but after perhaps ten minutes that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I am on a trail in the mountains, riding my bicycle. I hear the birds call and the insects drone and the rushing of the creek, I see the lupines and the mule’s ears and the phlox and the hundreds of other flowers I don’t even know the names of, and I stop to watch the sun set over the lake. Then I begin my descent, flowing like water over the rocks and through the trees, quietly rolling downhill into the shadows of another cool, crisp summer evening…

…and though my jeans and I both need a wash, I’m far happier than the version of me who grumbled in disgust and headed home to surf the Internet or read a book about other people doing things.

Live in freedom, live in beauty.



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  • Jonathan

    This is a few miles from your house? I’m so jelous. Where do you live?

  • Jonathan:

    Near Lake Tahoe.


  • BPT

    Looks perfect,

    I belong to a cycle group which commutes to work on a regular basis, ” The second best way to start the day” written across the chest…

    Riding home is by arrangement, although it is mostly through suburbia, you get the air, sunset, nature, and connection to the landscape which is sadly missing from the everyday experience of many. An hour of power if ever there was such a thing.

    Will have to get a bush basher to try out some off road options…cheers

  • BPT:

    Anything that gets us outside of our cages is good.  Even riding through urban wastelands beats sitting in a building in the middle of one watching TV.


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