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Video Week! My Epipheo On White Bread, and Nose to Tail Eating

I’ve been working on several projects during the weeks I haven’t updated, and here’s the first. Epipheo—the people who make all those 3-minute cartoon visualizations of interesting ideas—contacted me some time ago, and asked if I was willing to help them create one based on an article of mine.

Usually when someone offers you something for “free”, they’re trying to sell you a timeshare. However, after a couple long recording sessions, some script wrangling, and several weeks, they’ve just sent me a link to their newest video visualization—based in part on my classic article “Why You’re Addicted To Bread”, and featuring narration by me!

It’s intended for a general audience, so it’s a bit of an oversimplification—but it’s a great start for when your Uncle Ned asks you “So why won’t you eat bread anymore?” So I encourage my readers to visit the Youtube page, drop a “Like” and/or a favorable comment, and spread it amongst your bread-eating friends. (Hint: share it on Facebook using the widget below.)

Bonus Video: Nose To Tail Eating With Big Primal and Primal North

A feast of heart, liver, sweetbreads, marrow, and more ‘odd bits’ from Big Primal—and some product placement, courtesy of Danny Albers from Primal North. (Youtube link.)

Now that’s how to eat like a predator!

Live in freedom, live in beauty.



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  • eddie watts

    anyway i’m at work so cannot watch video but really looking forward to watching once i get home!
    the AHS videos….any news on when they are going to be viewable?!

  • Eddie:

    The first batch of this year's AHS videos went up about two weeks ago, but there haven't been any more.  I'll let everyone know when they're available…but at this rate, we'll be submitting abstracts for next year first!


  • Danny J Albers

    Hey J,

    Glad you enjoyed our Big Primal appearance, it certainly made for a memorable anniversarry dinner for the lady and I LOL

    I get massive compliments and envy about your shirt whenever I wear it. Thinking I will be ordering more soon.

    Thanks for sharing the video, I mixed it up in the comments on the Epi video on youtube as well 😉 Always helps to give it a lift when there is some debate going on right?

    Its truly amazing how many pro bread comments they are getting, but even more so, and despite the message in the video, its “well I eat whole grains”. Even in cartoon form people hear only what they want to hear…


  • Cyclops

    The nose to tail vid was a hoot..great to see how the other guys do it..I would not have mixed all those in one sitting..but it works for them..

    Dinner tonight for me was a couple of lambs brains ( poached then sliced and rolled in egg wash, coconut/almond flour and pan fried with a pomegranite infused balsamic garnish..kale and sweet potato.

    I like the idea of barbequing the heart as I generally slow cook for hours, with beef cheeks..but that is winter and we are just getting into summer and BBQ season here in OZ.

    Once again thanks for the ideas

  • Danny J Albers

    Hey Cyclops, you are right about eating them all in one meal. Way to filling to do it regularly.

    That was the most filling meal I ever had in my life, but we wanted to compile them all into one episode.

    I can honestly say a huge plate of organ meat and marrow will leave NOBODY hungry…

    Now I gotta get some brains on I see 🙂

  • neal matheson

    Do the marrow bones come like that, if not how do you cut them up? I eat a fair amount of beef and deer marrow but usually cut the bones in half after cooking and use a skewer to get the marrow out.

  • Jen W

    For my marrow, I usually just get shank crosscuts.  Will be getting some pastured/grass-fed lamb kidneys and beef heart this weekend.  How would you suggest I cook the beef heart and for how long?


    Jen W

  • Jamie Fellrath

    Did a beef heart stew for my first foray into the world of offal, and it was surprisingly tasty and tender. I expected it to be much tougher but it was delicious. I think I’m going to have to try grilling it up like this.

  • E Craig

    Any animated-pretty-thing that can cause the masses to start thinking more about food is good (though I'm evilly picturing it all as directed and animated by Bakshi. Probably would not be G rated. )


    (The dog sort of stole the show on the second one =) )


    Jen W – last time my husband and I made beef heart I just sliced it into hunks, salt and peppered it cooked and ate it.  We're simple people.  Maybe someone fancy will chime in! =)

  • Alice

    That Big Primal video made me hungry. The inside of my fridge looks like it belongs on the set of a horror film right now, full of lamb hearts, cow brains, and, yes, a whole turkey for Thanksgiving.

    Thanks for the inspiration as always, Mr. Stanton.

    Glad to be predating with you lot. Happy holidays everyone!

  • Danny J Albers

    Hi Neal

    The marrow bones were something I specially requested from my local butcher. I asked for long bones from the leg, with the caps removed and split down the middle.

    This was how they are served in some very high end french restuarants.

    They were simply the best food I had ever eaten prepared like that…

  • Mitsouko

    Thanks for the reminder that bread should be avoided. I have allowed it to creep back into my diet. What with the increasing use of carbs (potatoes) and the ‘debunking’ of the insulin hypothesis in the palosphere I’m glad to see you and Hyperlid have remained steadfast. Your voice is needed more than ever. Thank you.

  • Danny J Albers

    Insulin has been debunked?

    I guess I didn’t get the memo 😉

    All I saw was some sort of claim its not a problem in isocaloric diets in metabolic wards where people cannot snack at will because they are on an isocaloric diet…no matter how hungry they get.

  • Danny:

    I appreciate the comment support…after an initial rash of disbelief, things appear to have settled down somewhat.


    I can't take any credit for the second video…I'm just spreading it.


    You have to ask to get them cut that way — but it's about a million times easier than having them cut in little donuts and having to spoon the marrow out.

    Jen W:

    You'll have to ask Danny exactly how the heart was prepared.


    Sounds delicious!

    E Craig:

    Make sure to forward it to “the masses”, i.e. the people with too little time or patience to read my articles.


    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


    There's a big difference between potatoes and bread, or any gluten grain…and, based on the comments, it's clear the “magical potato diet” doesn't work for everyone.

    Just like keto/VLC works very well for many, but not for everyone.  

    How about that!

    Perhaps the problem is that human metabolism and hunger signaling is complicated, and not everyone with pounds to lose has the exact same sticking point?

    It's entertaining to see the fashion swing back and forth between pure keto/VLC and pure starch…one stops working, then people “discover” the other.  Eventually potatoes will stop working, too, and they'll rediscover keto/VLC, and back and forth we go…

    …and maybe some of them will eventually realize that they've slowly converged onto what the professional weight-class athletes have been doing for years, which is often some variant on cyclical ketogenic diets (i.e. alternating keto runs with high-starch, low-fat refeeds).  The weightlifters and fighters and bodybuilders might not know all about antinutrients — but there's a lot of money and fame riding on their ability to strip fat off their bodies.


    The biochemical role of insulin (energy storage) isn't controversial unless you're trying to start an argument.  What's controversial is the idea that carbohydrates, by themselves, are mostly or solely responsible for making us fat.  That's clearly not true…

    …but neither is the naive opposition which claims things like “Kitavans disprove everything!!11!1!” or “I lost weight on potatoes, so what's your problem, fatty?”  Some people have a measurably dysfunctional ability to process dietary carbohydrate (see: metabolic flexibility).  Peter is one of the few people trying to figure out exactly how that happens, instead of simply dismissing measurable data because they're emotionally or professionally invested in an idea that doesn't account for it.


  • eddie watts

    finally got around to watching that video this morning after forgetting every day when i got home.
    very good, you have a good speaking voice too.

    had to add the gnoll credo to my wish list, my copy has vanished! not sure if we’ve lent it to someone and forgotten or it’s just hiding in my house, but when i went back to read it again it was no where to be found!

  • Dave

    J Stanton said: “Peter [at Hyperlipid] is one of the few people trying to figure out exactly how that happens, instead of simply dismissing measurable data because they’re emotionally or professionally invested in an idea that doesn’t account for it.”

    YES! YES! YES!

    Now, about the bread. Unfortunately, I like bread. Fortunately, I seem able to tolerate a just a bit of it from time to time. It is an especially convenient vehicle for extremely fatty foods like butter and cheeses. But, I don’t try to kid myself that grains are healthy.

  • eddie:

    If you order directly from 100WP, I'll sign a copy for you.


    Much of “nutrition science” and “obesity research” is politically driven, because it's funded by the US government — which isn't interested in results that contravene a public policy dedicated to subsidizing giant agribusiness corporations via the overproduction of (genetically modified) grains.


  • eddie watts

    J: does that apply for someone in uk?

    i’ve started reading hyperlipid but in all honesty he seems worlds ahead of my current knowledge level and i just feel like a new sprinter getting in on a Usain bolt calibre race.
    that said a lot of what i can follow is extremely interesting.

  • eddie watts

    also going back to your posts on palatability have you seen this (yet)?


  • Jen W



    The link doesn't work.

  • Marilyn

    Off this topic a bit, but thanks for the freezer info. I just had to tell you that I couldn’t function without a freezer. In the basement, we have a big chest-type freezer that is pushing 50 and just keeps humming along. (You can be sure it doesn’t have any automatic defrost function) It’s great to be able to order nice meats from anywhere in the country.

  • Marilyn

    Before electricity, Mom used to can meats. Steaks and roasts cut in small pieces to fit in the jars. Pickled heart and pickled tongue. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve tasted any of those good things.

  • eddie:

    Postage to the UK costs almost as much as the book itself.  If you also want a T-shirt or multiple copies, it's a bit less ridiculous…contact 100 Watt Press if you'd like a quote.  Otherwise, it's probably best to order from Amazon UK.

    I left a comment on the post of Ned's you linked.

    Jen W:

    I need to upgrade my forum software, which tends to munch links.  Meanwhile, use HTML…surround a short name with an A HREF tag and it'll work fine.


    Sounds like my grandmother's basement: big old freezers and shelves full of home-canned meats and veggies!


  • Katherine

    I’m just amazed at the Primal breakfast video, where for dessert they wrap sticks of butter in bacon, dip them in chocolate, and each eat one.

  • […] Week! My Epipheo On White Bread, and Nose to Tail Eating GNOLLS.ORG / Posted on: November 20, 2012GNOLLS.ORG – I’ve been working on several projects during the weeks I haven’t updated, and […]

  • Danny J Albers

    No, not trying to start an arguement.

    Just responding to the ideat that the whole theory has been debunked.

    Personally I think obesity is multi causal and like any multi causal condition there are going to be differing responses to differing interventions.

    I actually consider food reward and insulin theory as two culprits that can affect someone independantly or in conjunction. See no reason for conflict between the two.

    The fear is that because we have discovered some people that can lose weight including ample starch, we start telling EVERYONE that the whole carbs theory is bogus, clearly it is not.

    Back in the 50s there were very interesting experiments done with carbs which were made radioactive and fed to people with different base metabolisms. It was pretty clearly established that there are two completely different base responses to excess carbs. Mr. “Fatten easily” would store them and Mr. “Skinny” would simply end up with a higher metabolic rate, higher body temperature, and burn them. Personally I think we should spend more time looking at the research that has alread been done (and there is a HUGE amount) rather then the very latest and greatest research which is not always on point.

    In the above research it can actually be witnessed where the carbs go via X-rays in the two body types. I find that pretty convincing well beyond anything we can associate with a kitavan or inuit lifestyle.

    So for me there is no real arguement, as I think many theories are “right”. I have never felt in life that someone else has to be wrong for me to be right. Quite often there are many right answers.

    I do give pause and debate when I see poor science passed around paleo as gospel, supported only by confirmation bias.

    I am a huge proponent of low carb keto diets, and even have great success on zero carb. However I do have to aknowledge that I lost a great deal of weight doing the typical SAD diet low fat, calorie count approach that everyone in paleo says will never work. In fact, it worked really well for me, I busted my ass in the gym and counted every calorie and was very healthy and losing 5 pounds a week.

    Its actually tempting to return to that method at times, except it requires huge amounts of gym time I do not have today…

  • WalterB

    @Danny J Albers

    The low fat high exercise works best for young people and mostly short term, there commercial franchises based on the short termness of such plans. I’ve heard that women who actually succeede long term on such on Weight Watchers, for example, usually become paid leaders. In any event where on such diets do you get your fat soluble vitamins? And indeed, who has the time to spend in the gym?

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