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Video Week! My Epipheo On White Bread, and Nose to Tail Eating

I’ve been working on several projects during the weeks I haven’t updated, and here’s the first. Epipheo—the people who make all those 3-minute cartoon visualizations of interesting ideas—contacted me some time ago, and asked if I was willing to help them create one based on an article of mine.

Usually when someone offers you something for “free”, they’re trying to sell you a timeshare. However, after a couple long recording sessions, some script wrangling, and several weeks, they’ve just sent me a link to their newest video visualization—based in part on my classic article “Why You’re Addicted To Bread”, and featuring narration by me!

It’s intended for a general audience, so it’s a bit of an oversimplification—but it’s a great start for when your Uncle Ned asks you “So why won’t you eat bread anymore?” So I encourage my readers to visit the Youtube page, drop a “Like” and/or a favorable comment, and spread it amongst your bread-eating friends. (Hint: share it on Facebook using the widget below.)

Bonus Video: Nose To Tail Eating With Big Primal and Primal North

A feast of heart, liver, sweetbreads, marrow, and more ‘odd bits’ from Big Primal—and some product placement, courtesy of Danny Albers from Primal North. (Youtube link.)

Now that’s how to eat like a predator!

Live in freedom, live in beauty.