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Due to the massive volume of comment spam — of which 5-10 per day were sneaking through existing filtering software — I’ve implemented some draconian filtering measures. Therefore, please do not use terms like “my web blog”, “my web site”, “my web page”, “my site”, or any variation of these, as your comment will go [ . . . ]

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The Lipid Hypothesis Has Officially Failed
(Part 1 of many)

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Thanks to George McGovern and the “United States Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs” for killing millions of people via the consequences of obesity—diabetes, heart [ . . . ]

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(Part 1 of many)”

Fat And Glycemic Index: The Myth Of “Complex Carbohydrates”

(This article is Part III of a series on carbohydrate addiction. Each part stands alone, but I recommend starting with Part I, “Why You’re Addicted To Bread“, as it explains the fundamentals. Part II is here.)

The Mystery of the Flour Tortilla

This article started when I asked a simple question: [ . . . ]

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