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The Digger Comic Fan Fiction Page

The webcomic Digger is over after a run of many, many years. Some just miss their Tuesday and Thursday fix; some are unsatisfied by the somewhat abrupt ending; some are simply inspired to tell more stories about the characters Ursula Vernon has created.

Here are those I know of and enjoy, so far.

The Stories

Digger: After The Fall, Part I (Part II, Part III) – by J. Stanton
     What happened with Grim Eyes, Owl Caller, and the rest of the hyenas? An alternate ending to the story. Caution! Emotionally intense: it confronts a lot of the issues left unresolved by the original ending.
     New chapter added 4/29/2011! Digger’s story continues in “After the Fall, Part III”. If anything, it’s more intense than Parts I and II.

Boneclaw Sister – by BunnyRock
    A long and entertaining tale of the young Boneclaw Mother, with many fascinating digressions on tribal social anthropology. Lots of fun if you can get past the hordes of dyslexic typos…and Aidan promises an update any day now.

The Rest

List of Digger Facepalms – by TekServer
    OK, this isn’t strictly fan fiction—but it’s so awesomely fannish that I have to link it. It’s a long, lovingly maintained list of every single facepalm in the entire run of Digger.

The Giant Digger Facepalm Collage – by Misely (New as of 7/11!)
    Misely has taken facepalms to the next level by creating a giant collage of every facepalm in TekServer’s list.

Warhammer Fantasy Wombat List – by BunnyRock (New as of 8/11!)
    “I got bored and made a Digger-based Warhammer list: shoot me now for my own good. […] At least I wasn’t geeky enough to write one of those “slice of life” intros that all warhammer army books start with now-a-days…” -BunnyRock

If you know of other stories I should add, or find any dead links, please contact me. (Note that this is not an archive, and I do not host anything here at gnolls.org except my own work. Comments or objections should be directed to the individual authors, not to me.)