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Disturbing Trail Voodoo

I found this by the side of a local trail in the woods:

Trail Voodoo - Dead Tickle Me Elmo

Yes, that’s a disemboweled Tickle Me Elmo with a noose around its neck.


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  • chris.george

    Was going through your archive (needed a break from staring at code all day), and I can’t believe I didn’t see this before!

    I literally, laughed out loud. Brings back fond memories of the kinds of things I used to do as a kid.

    I hope you helped him out, and put it back around a tree limb! *Cue maniacal laugh*

  • I find all sorts of strange stuff in the woods!

    I'll probably throw up some more funny photos on my next week off, whenever that is.


  • PrimalNut

    Dog toy! My dogs love to rip the ‘guts’ out of the plush toys, even if it was meant for humans =P

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