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Saving the Serengeti: Fundraiser Accounting, Letter of Thanks, and We've Won A Battle!

(This is a bonus update: this week’s regular feature is The Paleo Identity Crisis: What Is The Paleo Diet, Anyway?.)

Regular readers of gnolls.org will recall my April article about the proposed Serengeti Highway that would cut the last remaining intact African ecosystem in half—and the fundraiser my publisher and I held to raise money for the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania to help oppose the highway.

First, I would like to publicly thank everyone who contributed to the effort! We raised $400 for the WCST, which we transferred to them in May. (As promised, you can view the accounting details here.) Several people even stepped up with $50 donations: we’re still surprised and honored.

I will reproduce here the letter of thanks we received from the WCST, which we pass on to you, our donors:

Ref: Acknowledgement receipt of $400 as donation for Serengeti Campaign

On behalf of the Management of Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania (WCST) and on my own behalf I wish to acknowledge with many thanks the receipt of your kind donation ($400) for supporting the Serengeti Campaign.

WCST is currently among the well-positioned NGOs in the country for advising the Government on issues of the proposed highway at Serengeti National Park. This donation therefore comes at the right time for us to make our contribution in safeguarding the Serengeti.

I extend our sincere appreciation to all who donated into the $400 with the aim of Saving the Serengeti.

With Kind Regards

Victoria U. Ferdinand
Ag. CEO/ Coordinator – WCST

The War Continues—But We’ve Won A Battle!

Your efforts, and those of conservationists worldwide, have made a difference. The Tanzanian government has abandoned its plans for a paved highway across the Serengeti! All of you who donated, wrote letters, and got the word out can congratulate yourselves on a battle won, and celebrate our first victory.

However, the war is not over.

The government still intends to build a road in the same critical, currently roadless location, starting in January 2011…and it will be paved right up to the borders of the park. The plan here is obvious: pave all but the controversial middle section, and complete it later.

Click here to learn more about what’s happening—and click here for the Stop the Serengeti Highway Facebook page (remember to click “Like”), which will support the effort and keep you up to date. (And here’s my original article.)

Once again, thank you and congratulations to our donors. Your efforts have already made a difference.

Live in freedom, live in beauty.


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