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Interview with Richard Nikoley at “Free the Animal”

This one’s been in the works for a few weeks. Richard Nikoley, of Free The Animal, occasionally does video interviews…

…and I was proud to be his latest guest, both on FTA and in person. Not only was the interview itself enjoyable, he and his wife Beatrice were gracious hosts—and we had a wonderful time talking about all sorts of topics that couldn’t be squeezed into the interview due to time constraints. (The video runs just over 27 minutes.)

Update! You can also download the interview as an audio-only podcast.

Feel free to jump over to the FTA thread and leave a comment there: it’ll give Richard some page views in exchange for all the work he did to put this together, and it’ll give his readers more incentive to come check out gnolls.org.


My Interview On Angelo Coppola’s “Latest In Paleo” Podcast Is Available Now

Angelo Coppola, of the excellent weekly “Latest In Paleo” podcast, has just put up Episode 12 of his podcast, featuring…me!

Click here for the show! There are links to listen in Itunes and your browser, and to download it.

It starts with a long interview about my novel The Gnoll Credo (which both he and his family greatly enjoyed), covering everything from the history of the novel’s world to why spotted hyenas are awesome—and segues into us having a great time discussing this week’s news and some important issues facing the paleo community.

Here’s the link to my publisher I mentioned on the show, through which you can get a signed copy of The Gnoll Credo—and simultaneously make a contribution to saving the Serengeti through the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania.

Thanks again, Angelo, for having me on the show!


(Links: Latest In Paleo Episode 12, “Die Biting The Throat”.)