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Interview: J. Stanton on the LLVLC show with Jimmy Moore

I think I may have set a record for how long one can be active at the forefront of the ancestral health community without being interviewed by Jimmy Moore. Well, that record might still stand…but at least it’s beatable now!

The podcast is available in a bunch of different formats, from iTunes to MP3 download—so instead of trying to link them all directly , I’ll just point you to Jimmy’s website:

The LLVLC Show (Episode 745): J. Stanton From GNOLLS.ORG On Metabolic Flexibility, Hunger, Calories

This show covers three of my major research subjects: metabolic flexibility (the subject of my 2013 AHS presentation), hunger (my 2012 presentation), and calories. We had fun, and a few good one-liners sneaked in: my favorite is probably “Yes, calories count—but they don’t all count the same.” The interview clocks in under 39 minutes.

Live in freedom, live in beauty.


Interview: J. Stanton on the “Everyday Paleo Life and Fitness” Podcast with Jason Seib

I recently recorded a podcast with Jason Seib of Everyday Paleo Life and Fitness and Clackamas Physical Conditioning…and it’s just been posted today! For those who have already listened to my other interviews, this one covers a completely different range of topics—including how I got started with paleonutrition, my philosophy of research and writing, three different studies showing why there is no such thing as a “calorie”, my basic four-point weight-loss plan for beginners, sustainable motivation for diet and life changes, and much more!

We cover a lot of ground, so put on your thinking cap and check out Episode 36 of the Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast here, at eplifefit.com. (You can also get it from their iTunes store: it’s the episode dated 5/7/13.)

Live in freedom, live in beauty.


Yes, I will be presenting at the 2013 Ancestral Health Symposium! Click here for more information, including ticket prices.

Interview: J. Stanton on Beverly Meyer’s Podcast “Primal Diet, Modern Health”

It’s been some time since I’ve given any interviews…so when Beverly Meyer asked me to record an episode of her mostly-weekly podcast “Primal Diet, Modern Health”, I decided to go for it! In doing so, I join a long list of distinguished guests, including Sarah Fragoso, Tom Naughton, Diane Sanfilippo, Jason Seib, Lierre Keith, and William Davis, M.D.

We spoke for just over 40 minutes, and covered a wide range of topics: the components of hunger and how they apply to everyday food choices, how MSG fools your taste receptors, the hunger response in predators vs. prey, and much more!

You can listen to “Real Food Vs. The Hunger Response” from this page at Beverly’s website, ondietandhealth.com. (Or from her show’s iTunes page: my episode is dated 3/9/13.) And if the media players don’t work for you, you can download the podcast directly from here.

Live in freedom, live in beauty.


Extra Credit: Movement Succumbs To Market, Danny Albers. Calorie Rants And Ketosis, Part I, Part II, Jamie Scott.