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“Food Will Build A New America!” The US National Nutrition Program in 1943

An alert reader (Michael Plunkett, mpix123) sent me the following scan from the “National Nutrition Edition” of a Kerr Canning Co. booklet published in 1943. (This was the height of World War II.)

“Every Day, Eat This Way”

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"Food Will Build A New America!"  Every day, eat this way

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Can you imagine the phrase “vitamin-rich fats” in any government or mainstream dietary recommendation today? I can’t either.

Just for fun, let’s figure out how many changes we have to make in order to turn this chart into a guide to functional paleo. Let’s see…delete the “bread and cereal” box…pull corn out of the “vegetables” box and peanuts out of the “spreads” box…demote dairy to “use dairy fats sparingly”, and strike the phrase “or fortified margarine”…I think we’re done!

And even in its original form, we still have a diet whose fundamentals are meat, eggs, a wide variety of vegetables, and butter.

Death By Pyramid

Pyramids are never a good thing.

From Egypt to Central America, pyramids have meant endless, grinding, grain-fueled slavery for the glory and enrichment of the ruling class. In modern America, they mean…

The Original Food Pyramid

…well, basically the same thing.

Fighting obesity with the US Government's dietary recommendations.

And let’s not forget our steadily decreasing functional lifespan.

Are we surprised that replacing “Every Day, Eat This Way” with a pyramid based on birdseed has helped produce a fatter, sicker America?

Bonus Feature: Meat Planet! The Lost Episode of Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos”

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