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Interview with J. Stanton on The Mike Smyth Show, CKNW 980 Radio, Vancouver

On Friday afternoon, 6/24, I was a guest on the Mike Smyth Show, where I was interviewed for a 20-minute segment on the paleo diet!

I had a great time on the show, and managed to debunk some myths (“No, meat doesn’t rot in your colon“), present the theoretical and practical foundations of paleo to a big new audience, and even throw in a few zingers. Thanks to Liza at CKNW for setting it up, and Simi for being a great host!

I’m working on getting the audio up as a download…but in the meantime, you can you can go to the CKNW audio vault and select June 24, 2 PM. I start about seven minutes in, right after the weather, and my segment is about 22 minutes long, including a commercial break.


This is a bonus update: I write features once a week. Here is this week’s regular article:
The Paleo Identity Crisis: What Is The Paleo Diet, Anyway?