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Under Construction

(This post preserved for archival purposes…it’s no longer a sticky.)


You’re early to the party: most likely you’ve received a galley proof or other advance copy. The Gnoll Credo won’t officially launch until July 22, 2010, and the content bomb won’t drop until that date draws closer.

However, you can pre-order it from Amazon.com, or directly from the publisher—and you can read the first few chapters here.

I strongly recommend that you warm up by spending some quality time with Jared Diamond’s essay “The Worst Mistake In The History Of The Human Race” (pdf), and with Keith Thomas’ evfit.com. (Warning: very informative, lots of content. Plan on spending lots of time there.)

Meanwhile, you’re welcome to come in, put your feet up, introduce yourself, and speak your mind.


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  • Carl

    One wonders what the Earth population would be if we never had a Neolithic “Revolution.”

  • Carl:

    That's an excellent question, and it's probably analogous to the world's population before the Neolithic Revolution.  I've seen several estimates, but no one knows for sure.


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